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Vinyl Divers Podcast did an interview with Mort on June 1, 2018.  You can learn quite a bit about Mort’s history with drumming and music.  Most importantly, you can hear key tracks from Who’s Behind The Eye as they discuss all things music.  Go ahead!  Don’t be shy!  Click on the play button and give it a go!




On this episode of Vinyl Divers Podcast, Anthony is joined by Jim “Mort” Heiderscheit of The Homeland Conspiracy as they learn really Who’s Behind the Eye.  Will this psychobilly take over the show?  Listen to find out!

Vinyl Divers Podcast theme: Stage Dive by Silent Partner

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Who’s Behind The Eye

The debut album, Who’s Behind The Eye by The Homeland Conspiracy was released on 2/24/18 and is now available for streaming, download or purchase on several platforms.